Computer and Laptops Repair.

We have experienced Computer Technicians who carry out repairs on Computers, Laptops & Printers. We also set up and maintain Computer Networks in Schools and Businesses.

Digital Printing Service.

Yes when it comes to printing K&K Computing is the place to go.

Whether your requirements are large or small K&K can supply your needs.

We guarantee the highest quality in our Colour Printing Services.

We can design and print items such as Booklets and Annual Reports.

If you wish to advertise your business we can Design and Create Brochures, Branded Stationery & Business Cards, Fliers and the like.

Duplicate and Triplicate books such as Invoice Books are catered for.

Web Design.

“If you have a business you need a website”. Have you heard this before? I’m sure you have. Well it is true – but not just any old website, your website must make you money!

We will design a Website for you – yes- but we will also guarantee that your website will make you money. That is what websites should do.

In this age of economic depression your business needs a head-start. You need to be a step ahead of your opposition. K & K Computing will get you to the top of the quee.

Contact us and we will build the website to take you confidently into the future. We will take your business to a new level by promoting your website to the top level of search engines where the exposure will give you the edge.

About Us.

At K&K Computing we have established a reputation for friendly and reliable service and our many customers remain loyal to us.
The Education sector has formed an important area for K&K and for nine years we have catered for the needs of Schools in the Clare area and beyond. We supply all of the Computer Hardware and Education Software used in Schools both Secondary and Primary. We have installed and maintained Computer Networks in many Schools in the county. Our introduction into Ink Refill and Toner Re-manufacture has led to interest among the business fraternity as the use of these commodities leads to considerable savings in printing costs and also helps the environment.
Websites are becoming a way of life for most businesses today. Websites need to be marketed and managed properly if they are to be of benefit. The Management and Optimization of Websites is where K&K Computing come into their own.We will guarantee high rankings on search engines.
Our graphic Design and Printing Department now forms a central part to our business. We provide a full colour printing service and we include Personalised stationery such as headed Paper, Business Cards, Invoice Books and Brochures among our services. We also print Annual Reports, Calendars, Booklets, Election Posters & literature and more. Mortuary Cards and Acknowledge Cards are catered for at K&K Computing.
At K&K We offer a wide range of Inks for Inkjet Printers, also Toners for Business Laser Printers. We stock both Original Inks, Ink Refills and Toner Remanufacture. Home, Student and Business Software are supplied. Audio Visual Equipment for Education and Business, Computer Hardware including Laptops, PCs & Peripherals are available for purchase.
We supply Educational Software and Special Needs Software to Schools and Colleges. We stock Stationery, Greeting Cards & Office Supplies for Education and Business. K&K also provides a Full Colour Printing Service including Digital Photo Printing.
We also create Websites for Business’s and we also provide a Website Optimisation Service to secure Top Ranking Websites on Search Engines for our customers. We are based in Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland.

We would love to hear from you.

Frances Street, Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland
+353 65 9051806

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